How to Format a Laptop Windows 7/8/10 with or without CD/USB

Formatting is the first thought that comes to the mind for many people when there is a serious problem in their PC, such as virus attack or extremely slow running speed. It is surely also necessary to format a laptop when you want to sell out your device to avoid privacy crisis. We have talked about how to reset Mac. In this article, we are going to introduce several methods to format a Windows 7/10 laptop with or without deleting all the files.

How to Format a Laptop Windows

Method 1. How to Format a Laptop Windows 10 in Settings

In Windows 10, everything is easier than that in the previous operating systems. We can format a Windows 10 laptop with no need of additional devices.

Method 2. How to Format a Laptop Windows 7 Using System Repair Disc

In Windows 7, users can repair the system by making a repair disc which requires a CD to load, so this method doesn’t work for laptops that don’t have a CD/DVD drive.

Method 3. Format a Laptop Windows 7/10 with Windows Installation USB

If your laptop doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, then you can try to format your Windows 10/7 laptop with a Windows Installation USB. In this case, you need a USB flash drive and create a bootable USB drive.

Method 4. Format a Windows Laptop without Windows Installation USB

Important: You will lose all the files in the formatted hard drive after formatting your laptop. In case you don’t have any backup, please use iReparo PC Data Recovery to recover files after reinstalling system.

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Bottom Line

In this tutorial, we have learnt 4 methods to format a laptop with Windows 7/8/10 operating system. It is important back up the hard drive data before the formatting. If you must format the laptop to make it work again, it is also possible to recover the formatted data with the solution mentioned above. If you have reinstalled the OS of your laptop, you may need to activate Windows 7 manually. Please feel free to tell us if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment.

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