How to Fix Internal/External Hard Drive Access Denied in Windows 10/7

The error message ‘Hard drive is not accessible’ is a nightmare for photographers, business person and whoever store their important documents in a hard drive. The problem often happens when people upgrade their PC to Windows 10, but there are a lot of other factors could lead to the disastrous situation. In this article, we are going to talk about how to fix external/internal hard drive not accessible issue and get rid of the error of ‘Access is denied’.

Fix Internal/External Hard Drive Access Denied

Solution 1. Fix Hard Drive Access Denied in Windows 10/7

When the error ‘Access is denied’ appears, the first thing you should check is the permission authorized to the current account. Usually, the administrator account has full control to most settings and drives, while other local or guest accounts may be restricted. Please follow the steps below to modify the permission settings in Windows 10.

The error of Access is denied could also appear on Windows 7 when users are trying to access the folder of a shared group. The solution is quite similar than that in Windows 10.

Solution 2. Fix Hard Drive Not Accessible with CHKDSK Command

If it is not the problem of permission, then there might be errors on the file system of the hard drive. You need to check and fix the possible errors with a simple command.

The steps below are based on a Windows 10 computer. For Windows 7/8 users, just need to run Command Prompt as administrator to proceed. If your external hard drive is not accessible, please connect it to a computer, then follow the steps below.

Recover Data from Access Denied Hard Drive without Formatting

If your hard drive is detected but not accessible, then you may try to restore the hidden files from the device before formatting it.

iReparo Hard Drive Recovery is the best data recovery software for Windows & Mac users to restore deleted or hidden files from SD card, external/internal hard drive, USB drive, and other storage devices. It can help users to restore photos, videos, audio, documents, etc.

Download iReparo for PC Windows Download iReparo for PC Mac

Features of iReparo

Step 1. Run Data Recovery Software and Choose Recover File

Run the program and you will see three options: Recover File, Create Image and Resume Recovery. Let’s go straight to Recover File. You may have a try with Create Image to back up your removable disk later.

Run Data Recovery Software and Choose Recover File

Step 2. Select the Inaccessible Hard Drive and Scan Now

Now you should see the detected disk drives, including internal/external hard drive and USB drive. Please identify and select the hard drive with Access Denied error, then click Scan Now to continue.

Tips: Advance Scan provides more filtering options by file format.

Select the Inaccessible Hard Drive and Scan Now

Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from Inaccessible Hard Drive

When the scanning is completed, you can click the file types on the left and preview every data on the right pane. All photos, videos and most of other files can be viewed or played so that you know if you really need them. Click Recover button to retrieve the data you need from the inaccessible hard drive.

Preview and Recover Data from Inaccessible Hard Drive

Solution 3. Reformat External Hard Drive Access Denied

In case the above two methods fail to fix the inaccessible hard drive, and you have restored the important data with the software, then we can try to reformat the hard drive. However, when you see the error of Access is denied, it is possible that you cannot format the hard drive in normal ways. Don’t worry. The following steps may help you.

Note: You will lose all data in the hard drive.

Note: Make sure to choose the right file system (NTFS vs. FAT32 vs. exFAT) for your hard drive during the process, otherwise you may face with problem copying large files.

Final Thought

It is almost inevitable to face with various problems on hard drives, but it would be too painful for many people to bare the loss of precious data. We hope that the solutions in this tutorial have fixed your hard drive not accessible problem, and most importantly, your important photos or videos are back now. Feel free to tell us if you have any questions or experience.

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