Solved: Second Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10

It is quite normal to see more than one hard drive in one computer today. Some people choose to upgrade to an SSD drive while keeping the original HDD, and some just want to add the second hard drive for large storage space. However, a lot of Windows users have faced with the problem of the second hard drive not showing up in File Explorer, Disk Management or even Device Manager. No worries. In this article, we are going to introduce 4 methods to fix the issue.

econd Hard Drive Not Showing Up in Windows 10.

Option 1. Fix Second Hard Drive Not Showing up in This PC

In Windows PC, people access the files on a hard drive through Windows File Explorer. If you cannot find the second hard drive in This PC or My Computer, however, it is possibly due to the absence or confliction of driver letter. Simply, if the second hard drive is not assigned a valid drive letter, then Windows won’t detect it. In this case, we can solve the problem by assigning a new drive letter to the hard drive in Disk Management.

Note: In Step 3, if you find that the second hard drive is marked as Unallocated in black, you need to set it up as a new hard drive, which is easy to complete with the wizard.

Once the second hard drive is assigned with a unique drive letter, you should be able to find it on Windows File Explorer. In case the second hard drive doesn’t show up in Disk Management, please try the method below.

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Option 2. Fix Second Hard Drive Not Detected in Disk Management

The problem could also be caused due to outdated hard drive drivers, which prevents the operating system from detecting your new hard drive. Please try the steps below to update drivers in Device Manager.

You may need to reboot your PC to apply the changes.

Option 3. Fix Second Hard Drive Not Showing up in Device Manager

Hardware error is rare to see in a new hard drive, but if your second hard drive is still not showing up, it is the time to run Windows Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.

This method should fix some common errors on hardware to solve the second hard drive not detected by Windows.

Option 4. Fix Second Hard Drive Not Showing up in BIOS

As the last resort, this method assumes that you’re not having a faulty hard drive but it is just not enabled in BIOS. Therefore, you may apply the following steps before giving up and moving to a new product exchanged from the manufacturer.

Now check if Windows detects your second hard drive or not. If you believe your hard drive has been corrupted, learn how to recover corrupted hard drive.

Bottom Line

Hopefully the problem of second hard drive not showing up in Windows has been solved with the methods above. Otherwise, it could be a serious hardware issue which should be checked and repaired by an expert or on a local shop. Don’t forget to tell us which solution has fixed the problem for you.

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