How to Personalize and Customize Windows 10

Microsoft has been polishing its operating system by releasing auto updates for Windows 10, and one of the greatest progresses is expanding the possibility of personalizing user interface. Now, when you choose a lucky color for your Windows 10 PC, the setting will apply to all system related interfaces, like window frame line, start menu, task bar, notification pane, etc. In this article, you will know more options to personalize Windows 10 in appearance and usability and give you fresh new and immersive experience.

Personalize and Customize Windows 10

Part 1. Customize Windows 10 Background

If you are not happy with the current background then you can change according to the taste. Following are the steps you should take.

You can even select a theme by clicking Go to Themes, or jump to Part 4.

Part 2. Personalize Windows 10 Colors

If you do not like the colors of your window 10 then you can also personalize it. You can change colors including task bar, title bar, start and linkable text with the following steps.

Tip: If you do not like the listed colors then you can go for the Custom color option. Here you can create the custom color with the help of palette.

Part 3. Personalize Windows 10 Lock Screen

If you want to change the lock screen then following are the steps that you will follow;

In case you lose important photos or videos due to reinstalling a screen-locked Windows computer, try an awesome photo recovery software to scan your computer hard drive for the lost files.

Part 4. Customize Windows 10 Themes

A theme helps you to change a set of items at once including background, sounds, and color. It’s a package that allows people to personalize windows 10 on the quick basis. Following are the steps to customize the windows 10 theme.

Part 5. Customize Windows 10 Start Menu

Some of the above custom settings will affect the appearance of Windows 10 Start menu. This section we will talk about customize the options to show in Start menu.

Several options may require some time to figure out the exact function. You can freely switch these options according to your habits.

Part 6. Change Windows 10 Taskbar

You can also customize Windows 10 taskbar by following these steps;

With all the custom options above, you won’t get bored with your Windows 10 computer in a comparatively long-time span. Have a try now, and you will be surprised to see the fresh new Windows 10 computer. Want to keep the lovely settings you just made? Check how to back up Windows computer.

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