How to Password Protect USB Flash Drive on Windows 10

Protecting your data from any security breach is the foremost thing that should be considered while saving it in any external device. If not protected, it could be used by any one for wrong purpose, and you might eventually need to recover lost files. In this tutorial, you will learn 2 methods to password protect USB drive on Windows 10 with or without Bitlocker.

Password Protect USB Flash Drive

How Does USB Drive Password Protection Work

The most extensively used external device for saving data are the USB disk drives. However, USB drives are actually very vulnerable when facing the threat of data losing and privacy leaking. Using the password for protection of data in USB disk drive is a reliable way to avoid the problems.

On Windows 10, there are number of ways with which one can run the encryption process on the USB disk drive. This process can be completed by using the inbuilt software or third-party utilities. The main objective is to protect the USB disk drive from the security threat even after losing the gadget.

Here mentioned are two of the potential solutions/methods via which people can password protect USB drive and avoid the security breach for the data that is valuable in any pursuit.

Method 1: Password Protect USB Drive with Windows 10 Bitlocker

When it comes to protecting the USD disk drive or any external hard drive via Windows 10, the foremost and easiest way to do so is by using the inbuilt Bitlocker. Follow easy steps below and any one can password protect USB drive and secure the data of concern.

Theoretically, this USB drive password protection method can apply to any USB drives, including but not limited to SanDisk, Lexar, Samsung, Kingston, Toshiba, etc.

If there is no Turn on BitLocker option when you follow Step 2, then you should follow these steps first.

Method 2: Password Protect SanDisk USB Drive with SecureAccess

In addition to BitLocker, another way to password protect USB drive is using manufacturer tool. As one of the giant manufacturers, SanDisk provides its users with an excellent password protection solution.

Most SanDisk USB drives come with a built-in app, aka. SecureAccess, which can help people protect their data even after losing the physical device. Nevertheless, SanDisk doesn’t offer “forget password” option to reset password. Once you don’t remember the password, the files on the USB drive are gone.

If your SanDisk USB drive doesn’t have SecureAccess preinstalled, then download it now.

Now we have learnt two methods to password protect USB drive. You can start USB drive password protection now with or without BitLocker. It is still suggested make one or more backups of your data elsewhere, otherwise you may need to recover lost files if the USB drive files are not accessible.

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Feel free to talk with us if you get any problem when using your USB drives, like “the format did not complete successfully” error, or any other troubles.

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