How to Update Graphics Driver on PC for Maximum Gaming Performance

General idea: Updating Graphics drivers of your PC will surely bring better gaming experience as well as PC performance. That’s why we will present all the required details on the topic “Update the Graphic drivers for maximum gaming performance” in this article below. Stay with us till the end if you are seeking for ultimate performance.

How to Update Graphics Driver on PC for Maximum Gaming Performance

Gaming has emerged out to be the best area in computer section and attracted millions of youngsters. For smooth gaming experience, however, the expense can never be ignored, especially when you have to upgrade hardware. Have limited budget? You may squeeze some juice from the existing hardware on your PC, for example, by updating graphics driver.

Graphics driver is the software responsible for getting high-quality graphics to enhance PC experience to the most. Though the performance is ultimately based on the graphic card installed on your PC, outdated or corrupted graphics driver will absolutely hold the overall performance back.

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We will discuss various points about the importance and working of graphics drivers further in this article. Moreover, we will also tell you about the latest updates of NVIDIA, AMD and Intel graphics drivers further in this article. Stay with us till the end so that you will not spend unnecessarily on purchasing a new graphics card to improve the gaming experience.

Why You Should Update Graphic Drivers

There is no surprise that every app or anything which you want to run smoothly on your PC requires updates. You can also see this in the app installed on your smartphone. Some apps are so developed by the developers that they will not work without the latest updates been installed. So, the basic reason behind the regular updating process of graphic Drivers is to ensure the smooth functioning and to focus on having good gaming experience.

Moreover, some of the other drivers, like Wi-fi network card drivers, sound card drivers and many other drivers, also need to be updated regularly so that any type of bug present in these drivers will be fixed soon. But this is not in the case of graphics drivers. Because the majority of the companies are working towards the integrated graphic cards which requires very less updates, it will surely make the workload of users pretty low.

So, coming back to the point, updating the graphic drivers will surely provide you some more composure to your gaming skills just by enhancing the gaming experience. Updating the drivers will bring new customized features with them which will try to reduce the load on GPU of your PC. If GPU is performing well, then you will surely get some good gaming experience on your PC. Moreover, if you are using some old Graphic card which is creating bugs and troubles while playing games, then updating the Graphic drivers will surely end this issue too. That’s why it is highly recommended by the tech experts to update your graphic drivers regularly so that you will never miss an update with the new graphics.

Whereas if you are a beginner in gaming section and doesn’t require much higher quality graphics on your PC, then we will recommend you to not update Graphic drivers because it will be of no use to you until you play other online games which requires more composure. But if you’re a pro gamer, then updating graphics driver shall become your first preference. We will talk about getting the latest updates of various graphic cards later in this article. But before we do that, please make it clear in your mind that why you should update Graphic drivers of your PC regularly.

How to Identify the Graphic Card on Your PC

Many new users don’t know about the graphics card which they are having in their computers. Getting the knowledge of the graphics card installed on your PC will surely help you out know about the resources on which you have to capitalize on. There are so many methods which are available to find the model of the graphic card which is present on your PC. Here is the easiest way one for Windows 10 computers:

  1. Click Start menu, then type “System Information” and hit Enter.
  2. On the new window, expand “Components” category on the left pane.
  3. Click “Display” to get all the exact details of your PC from resolution to the model of graphics card as well.

Now, you can easily identify the compatibility of your PC with any particular online PC game.

How to Update Graphics Driver to Latest

All the latest updates of different graphics cards drivers can be easily downloaded from the official websites of the manufacturers. Downloading the latest updates will not take much time and you will surely get some good composure in the gaming experience. We will provide the upgrading URLs for different graphics cards.

There are majorly three big brands which are the most popular brand tags of graphics cards. And as we mentioned earlier, the manufacturers of these graphic cards don’t release updates of graphic drivers very frequently. On an average, they release updates once or twice in two months. So, every time you will that the gaming experience of yours is in trouble, then look for the updates on the official website of the manufacturer of the Graphic card which you are using in your PC.

When you visit on the official website of any of the graphic card manufacturers, you will find a window in which you have to fill various details related to the graphics card present on your PC. For example, you have to provide the information of Product type, Product series, Product, Operating System (OS) and Preferred language. When you are done with all the fill ups, you can press the search button to look for the graphics driver updates online on the server of the manufacturer of the graphic card which you are using.

There are also a lot of third-party websites where you can look for graphics driver updates. Some of them are quite informative and safe, but you should be careful about others which may threaten your privacy or even data safety.
For all NVIDIA graphic card users, there is a separate utility available on the web which is named as NVIDIA GeForce experience. It runs in the background process all the time to offer available graphics driver updates to users automatically. And moreover, this utility is also dedicated to improve the gaming performance of your PC through the use of some in-built tools. So, definitely a very good utility for NVIDIA users.

Final Thoughts

Here ends the guide about how to update graphics driver on Windows 10/8/7 PC. We really hope that this article will help newbies in improving the overall gaming experience without hassle or cost. Besides graphics card, you can also try some free PC optimizing tools for the very purpose. If you are keen to share some more details regarding graphics cards or graphics drivers, then you are truly welcomed in the comments section below.

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