How to Download Facebook Videos on PC without Installing Software

Though various social tools and channels have already arisen, Facebook is still the favorite for most people, which makes it a huge need for downloading Facebook videos on PC. In addition to download software, which may charge a fee, it is also very convenient to download Facebook videos without software for free. In this tutorial, we will introduce free Facebook video downloader online and Chrome extension. If you’d like to download Facebook videos from PC to mobile phone, or download your own Facebook videos, you’ll also find a solution at the end.

Part 1. Free Facebook Video Downloader Online

It is not easy to choose a free online Facebook video downloader since there are so many choices, good or bad. Here we use FBDOWN.NET as an example, but you could find better options.


  1. Does the work as it claims.
  2. No ad traps. There are ads on the website but comparatively obvious to avoid.
  3. Allow the download of both public and private Facebook videos. Visit this page if you want to download Facebook Private videos.
  4. Provide a Chrome extension which can automatic detect all videos on current Facebook page.


  1. Doesn’t allow custom download path.
  2. Doesn’t download caption/subtitle of Facebook videos.

Part 2. Facebook Video Downloader for Chrome

Just like Instagram video downloading, there are also Chrome add-ons for downloading Facebook videos. As mentioned above, FBDOWN.NET provides an excellent extension as Facebook video downloader for Chrome.

Part 3. Download Facebook Videos on PC or to Mobile Phone with Software

Not satisfied with the above Facebook video downloaders? Here is a more powerful tool. Gihosoft TubeGet can download videos from YouTube, Facebook as well as other platforms.

Once the Facebook video is downloaded, you will be able to open the location folder, play the video or transfer it to mobile phone.

Part 4. Download Your Own Facebook Video on PC

If you want to download the video that was deleted after uploading to Facebook, this solution will fit best for you. Facebook allows users to download videos uploaded by their own. Here is how to find the option.

In case you cannot find the video that you made long time ago, please resort to iReparo Data Recovery Software to get it back from your computer, external hard drive, USB flash stick or memory card.

With these Facebook video downloaders for different scenarios, it is easy to download videos from Facebook on computer. Kindly share your Facebook video downloader or solution with us.

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