How to Downgrade iTunes to Old Versions on Windows & Mac

Apple, the trust name of the most renowned smartphones around the world, has always kept people awestruck. Wondering why, awestruck? It’s due to the innovation standard in terms of surprises with iPhone, iMac, iPod, and many others services. iTunes has been also a renowned name from the Apple company, which fulfill the music needs of people with the quality services.

Since version 12.7, iTunes has lost the viability of browser support and the functionalities of the apps in the different locations. Have you gotten used to the current iTunes? If not, you’ll learn how to downgrade iTunes to old versions.

How to Downgrade iTunes to Old Versions

Part 1. How to Download Old Version of iTunes

Apple keeps old versions of iTunes from version 9.2.1 released in 2010 to version 12.9.4 at its website. The library doesn’t include every update among the range but only major ones. You can download earlier editions (down to version 4.1) of iTunes from some websites which focuses on the archive of old version apps, like

Part 2. Challenges to Downgrade iTunes to Old Versions

Yes, one can do that and people are worried about the converting files (like the ipa and dmg file) that increase the load on the smartphone devices. Some functions are incompatible with the downgrade option of the iTunes. But, there is an easy solution to install the old iTunes on the Windows & Mac Platform. People are worried about backups to in their system, as they think, it will work or not in the particular device. The experts and professional help can be an essential guide here in such a concept.

To understand it better, experts help in such simple steps: deleting iTunes, restoring the old iTunes Library file, and then downloading the older version of iTunes and installing it.

Part 3. How to Downgrade iTunes to Old Version on Windows

Windows is the most used computer OS worldwide, with people equipped to the devices from more than 2 decades. The simple process that people understand is the uninstallation and reinstall the iOS App (iTunes). With the downgrade, you’ll still need to restore the old iTunes Library.itl file.

Part 4. How to Downgrade iTunes to Old Version on Mac

Key Points to Downgrade to Old iTunes

The best steps one can follow is:

It is convenient to back up and restore data with iTunes. You can even extract data from iTunes backup without iPhone. However, if your photos or videos were lost without backup, you may use Jihosoft Photo Recovery to get them back.

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It is easy to uninstall the current iTunes and install an old version in a Windows and Mac computer. The challenge is how to restore the library file so that the old iTunes will recognize it. Hopefully, now you have downgraded iTunes to an old version in your Windows or Mac. In case you have any questions or opinions, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment.

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