Top 7 Best Free Webcam Software for Windows in 2019

Webcam software is important to use your webcam in a more personalized way. The in-built webcam software of the Windows system is not so good to be used for various purposes. You can get a webcam software for your system and start using the webcam to make videos, click pictures, video chat with friends and family and do many other exciting things. In this article, you will get a list of top 7 free webcam software using which you can use your webcam in a handy way.

Best Free Webcam Software.

Webcam software has made taking pictures with add-ons, creating videos, and many other things very easy. For making the better use of the camera, it is very important to select a good webcam software. Webcam has become a very important business tool for video conferencing, face-to-face communication and many more. It has not only reduced the cost of travel and set-up for interviews and meetings but also saved time and labor. Webcam is playing a very important role in this technically advanced world. For using your webcam in a more influencing and innovative way, read about the best webcam software in this article with its features and compatibility.

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Top 1. Logitech Webcam Software

Logitech Webcam Software is the best webcam software which you can get directly from your Windows app store. It was previously known as Quickcam Express and it is the most popular software used by webcam users of Windows. If you are using Logitech Webcam, then you have to download this software to use it. Moreover, you can unlock many superlative features using both webcam and webcam software of Logitech together. Update your hard drives and other apps before using this software. This will ensure that your hardware is protected and there is no chance for it to get corrupted.

Logitech Webcam Software is one of the top best Free Webcam Software.

Features of Logitech Webcam Software:

  1. It is a suitable webcam software for the device to work properly and maintain its stability.
  2. You can go for Logitech webcam to function this software in a feasible manner.
  3. It comes for all compatible version of Windows for free.
  4. You can easily customize your recording settings with this software.
  5. You can go for high-quality video chat and can record the video in 720p or 1080p. Moreover, you can also take snapshots, record audio, take high-resolution images and perform other effective tasks quickly and easily.

Compatibility: Windows 7 and later

Top 2. MyCam

With various awesome functions and features, MyCam has also become popular as an advanced webcam software. It is a cool app with many easy-to-use tabs and options adding utilities to the webcam. You can send the recorded files to your mobile phone with the “Album” feature. Once the installation of this software gets finished, it will automatically detect your webcam and make its access very handy.

MyCam is one of the top best Free Webcam Software.

Features of MyCam:

  1. It enables the user to apply various filter and effects while clicking pictures or recording the video using a webcam.
  2. You can save the video and images in your computer in preferred file formats. It supports JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 formats.
  3. You can broadcast the media to the stream server or share it to your smartphone easily.
  4. You can use the webcam to scan barcode or QR code as well.
  5. It supports GPU image processing to give a high-quality image and video without any lag.
  6. You can add amazing sound effects and video effects to your recorded video using this software.
  7. It also supports video broadcasting.
  8. You can create an album of photos and media for easy access.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8/8.1,10, Vista SP2

Top 3. ManyCam

Here comes another quality webcam ManyCam which will add up more features and other superb functions to your webcam. You can add up many effects and personalize the settings of the webcam with this software. ManyCam comes with two versions, i.e., paid and free. You will get two options: ManyCam Pro and ManyCam Enterprise if you will go for the paid version. You can select any version of this software as per your requirement or choice.

ManyCam is one of the top best Free Webcam Software.

Features of ManyCam:

  1. You can apply many filters, effects and can change the resolution of the camera easily.
  2. This software supports IP camera streaming which brings security and surveillance handy.
  3. You can record your computer’s screen while working or doing video chat using a webcam.
  4. It enables the user to record video in 4k high-quality without customizing the settings in an advanced way.
  5. You can automatically adjust the bitrate settings of the webcam using ManyCam.
  6. It is also used for easy video broadcasting and came streaming.
  7. You can select various website to run together by splitting the screen using it.
  8. ManyCam will always run in the background. You can use its pre-defined hotkeys to put the effects directly.

Compatibility: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, MacOS, Android, iOS

Top 4. SplitCam

SplitCam is a freeware which you can add up new functions and utilities to the webcam. This webcam software can be used fully without paying a single penny. It has all the features which you can find in other webcam software. Moreover, you can its application for video streaming on your Windows PC as well.

Features of SplitCam:

  1. This software supports the system as a video streaming software. You can broadcast your PC’s screen without any hassle.
  2. You can easily select the resolution of the video while streaming and recording video. You need not to personalize the settings every time for selecting.
  3. It provides perfect tools for easy pictures, recording, screenshots and many other tasks.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8/8.1,10, Vista SP2

Top 5. CyberLink YouCam

YouCam is a widely-used webcam software developed by CyberLink. It is perfectly designed for crisp and clear video communication. It is completely free of cost and is of high-utility. Moreover, it is very easy to use and comes with many hotkeys which can be used for quick access.

CyberLink YouCam is one of the top best Free Webcam Software.

Features of CyberLink YouCam:

  1. It enables the user to add up filters, stickers and other effects while video chat.
  2. It also has makeup and other beauty tools which can be used while taking pictures, recording video and during video chat.
  3. You can use all of its features and tools while using messaging platforms like Yahoo Messenger, AOL IM, Skype, Windows live messenger and many more.
  4. The software is featured with augmented reality effects.
  5. You can record your video and take pictures in high-quality picture resolution.

Compatibility: Windows 7, 8/8.1,10, Vista SP2

Top 6. IP Camera Viewer

The webcam has been discovered as a major part of the surveillance with advanced tools. IP Camera Viewer is an advanced webcam software plays an important role in security using IP cameras.

IP Camera Viewer is one of the top best Free Webcam Software.

Features of IP Camera Viewer:

  1. It enables the user to easily customize and configure camera basic settings.
  2. It is compatible with more than 1800 IP camera models.
  3. You can record video in HD quality and easily adjust its resolution.
  4. It allows the user to do digital zoom as well.

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8,7, Vista, XP.

Top 7. Windows Camera

Windows camera is an efficient webcam software which does not require any additional software or application to edit and customize the video. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. It possesses all the necessary features of the webcam software.

Windows Camera is one of the top best Free Webcam Software.

Features of the Windows Camera:

  1. It comes with two aspect ratios and four framing grid options for taking pictures.
  2. It supports HD and full HD resolution for video recording.
  3. This webcam software is perfect for taking burst shot and multiple shots with the help of its time-lapse mode.

Compatibility: Windows 10


In this article, we have gone through a total of 7 tested and verified webcam software which you can use for video streaming, video recording, taking pictures, video chats and surveillance. After that, you may download photos and videos from camera to computer for further work. If you have any questions or queries, then ask us by writing it into the comments section.

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