Best Google Books Downloader for Windows, Android and Mac to Download Paid Books Free

Google Books is an excellent source of all genres of reading materials. However, it does not allow its readers to download all eBooks and store in local device for free. For this, you can use free Google Books Downloader on your Windows, Mac, or Android device. To know more about it, go through this article thoroughly.

Best Google Books Downloader

Google is evolving into an all-in-one platform for all types of services in all fields. It has introduced a new service known as Google Books, which has brought all the books handy to all kinds of readers. You can enjoy reading your favorite books for free from any part of the world using its vast collection of 3 million free books. If you have not found your desired magazines or books in the library of this knowledge base, then you can purchase it easily. However, the purchase service is only available for people living in the US. Luckily, just like websites for downloading paid apps free, there are also solutions to download paid Google Books for free.

How to Download Paid Google Books for Free

With the help of Google Books, you can create your own bookshelf and enjoy reading anytime and anywhere. The feature of Google Books is challenging the services of Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook. You can avail of this fantastic service using your PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Whether you buy or download the books from Google Books, you can read them using any browser or device easily by logging in to your Google account.

For reading the books on Google Books, a user needs to have an e-reader with Adobe Digital Editions software. Google Books offers all its services in the form of eBooks. You can’t download it into your device SD card and transport from one device to another for free. For this, you have to buy the book and get its digital copy for your device. However, as in this technological world, we have solutions and alternatives to almost all types of utilities and needs. So, if you want to download books as a PDF on your device from Google Books, then you can use a Google Books Downloader.

Bonus tip: Unlike the online library, there are many kinds of files which cannot be regained easily after losing. In case data loss happens to you, don’t hesitate to use a data recovery software to retrieve data from your SD card, hard drive or PC as soon as possible.

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Best Google Books Downloaders

Google Books Downloader is a kind of versatile utility which enables readers to download the books from Google Books and save it to their local storage. You can copy the Google Books URL and paste it into the downloader and You can save the electronic documents in PDF, JPEG or PNG format.

In this way, you can enjoy sharing and transferring your books from one device to another. It makes the books more portable and easily accessible. In this article, you will read about Google Books Downloaders for Windows, Mac, and Android. You can easily use them and get your favorite novels or magazines downloaded on your device.

1. Google Books Downloader Lite – Windows 10/8/7

Google Books Downloader Lite is the best and secured solution for downloading Google Books on a Windows PC. It is widely used by millions of people from all around the world to download their favorite books from Google Books. Using this downloader, you can get your wanted materials downloaded quickly for free. It downloads the books which are available in ‘full view’ on Google Books.

Google Books Downloader Lite – Windows 10/8/7.

You can download the latest version of Google Books Downloader Lite. It will take only 146 KB storage space in the device. This lightweight app is capable of downloading the books directly from the Google Books site. You need not copy the URL and paste it into the downloader again and again. Before downloading, you can take a preview of the book directly as well. You can easily download multiple books in a batch using it. Moreover, the downloading of books will go on in the background, so you can easily carry your other tasks on the PC.

Features of Google Books Downloader Lite:

You need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your Windows computer to use Google Books Downloader Lite. For download, first of all, find the book on Google Books which you want to download. Then, specify its URL and set up the location of the file. You can easily select any directory where you want to have your data. After this setup, click on the “Download” button. Hence your book will get downloaded on the device at the desired location in PNG file format.

Google Books Downloader Lite is a simple tool that you can use to download books from Google Books. However, it does not have many tools to download the file in the various file formats and edit the downloaded file. It just helps the user to download books and store them into the device. You will need extra software to open and view the download files.

Adobe Reader XI is an excellent software for viewing books downloaded from Google Books. It is the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader series. You can use it to read, manipulate, edit, and print the file in PDF (Portable Document Format) form.

2. Google Books Downloader Mac

As the name suggests, this is the equivalent for Mac users to download books from Google Books. With a package file as light as 5MB, Google Books Downloader Mac is versatile with all features. You can download this downloader for your Mac Snow Leopard 10.6 or later version and Mac Lion 10.7 or later. Using this, you can easily download Google Books on the compatible Mac system.

Google Books Downloader Mac.

How to Download Google Books Free on Mac

It is effortless to use Google Books Downloader Mac to download books. For download the book in PDF format, one has to use the third-party downloader. Follow these simple steps to download the Google Books to Mac system in PDF form.

The download process will take some time. Once it gets finished, you can locate your book on your Mac desktop in the assigned folder. You can also download the books in JPEG format.

In this way, Google Books Downloader Mac downloads the book quickly without taking any extra effort.

How to Edit PDF Google Books on Mac

Google Books Downloader Mac is very handy but it only helps users to download the books from Google Books. To edit the electronic papers and manipulate it according to your choice using them, you will need some powerful tools, like Adobe Reader. You can easily add comments, annotations, and bookmarks using such programs. Install them, edit the PDF, and save the changes.

3. Google Books Downloader (For Android)

There are a lot of Google Books Downloader apps for Android, which you can install in your smartphone or tablet to download paid books from Google Books free. You may explore more or have a try with the one recommended here.

Google Books Downloader is a simple tool that helps the user to save the book in PDF, JPEG or PNG format on the device. This application is compatible with Android 2.2 or later version. This application is understandingly not available on the Google Play Store. So, you need to download its APK, then use that APK file to install the application.

Before downloading, make sure to enable the Download from Unknown Sources in the Android Settings. For this, open the Settings app on the Android phone and go to Application. Toggle on the Download from Unknown Sources. In this way, you can easily install any APK on your Android device without Google Play Store.

It is a simple downloading tool which will take a few steps to download the books form the Google Books store. So, you can enjoy reading all the free titles provided by Google Books on your device at any time. You can download an application to open and read the downloaded book. It is a direct source to download the book. You can download and install any third-party tool or app to edit and view the downloaded file.

Follow these simple steps to download books from Google Books.

In this way, you can enjoy reading books of your choice in PDF format on your device. You can also send it to your friends or any other reading devices.


Google Books is undoubtedly a dreamland for readers to browse books and magazines. In this article, however, we have got a complete idea about the Google Books Downloaders for Windows, Mac, and Android, which enable users to download paid Google Books for free. You can use these downloaders for free and enjoy accessing unlimited books. If you are a book lover, then this article will help you a lot in building your own bookshelf.

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