Top 20 Alternative Websites for Quality and Free Software

There is no doubt that is one of the quality websites through which users can download paid and subscription-required software for free. This website is specially developed by an excellent team of web specialists. The management team is also doing a really good job by extending the limits of the database of this website to upload more and more software packages. However, the collection of a single website can never satisfy every user. In this article, we are going to introduce up to 20 best alternatives to so that you will possibly find the desired software or game. Alternative Websites

How Does Work?

All you need to do is to register yourself on this website and start downloading installer packages of the software. As a member, you can request for a particular software or you can also add a specific software to fulfill the request made by other users. Moreover, there is a security system on this website which scans for the hidden spywares and malwares. So, in case if you think that the software available on this website are infected and hesitate for the risk, then please drop out the worry and start enjoying the huge library immediately.

Nevertheless, there are also some drawbacks found on, which drives us to find some alternatives. First of all, this website is taking very long to load the homepage. And if homepage gets loaded in a quick time, then downloading errors occur again and again. Besides, as mentioned above, users surely want more similar sites when fails to provide the programs they need. At worst, you can also try to find free serial keys of paid software at these websites.

Pro tips: Though the websites below are handpicked, potential risks may still contain, such as malware or virus. You should take care of suspicious downloading by yourself. In case of data loss, don’t hesitate to let iReparo Data Recovery Software to rescue your important files.

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Here we bring the list of top 20 Filepuma similar websites:

1) FileHippo

FileHippo is the best possible alternative to for its exciting and rarely available paid software packages. All the latest and the newest version of different software packages are regularly updated on this website. Unlike, FileHippo will not require any registration process to access the available content. So, definitely FileHippo is a quite worthy choice in place of


This alternative provides the best in class paid software which require a lot of subscription charges. The lite and clean user-interface of this website is responsible for its popularity among the users from all around the globe. FileHorse is so popular that users now start comparing this website above to

3) Major Geeks

This website is 100% free of malware and suspicious virus which can infect your PC. Moreover, a lot of free software are available on this website. You just need to register on this website probably with your Email ID and password. After registering, you will be able to access all the software present on this website.

4) Freeware Files

This is another very good alternative to which provides relevant content to its users. The main features of this website include lite user-interface, huge database, timely optimization of website etc. That’s why Freeware Files acquires 4th spot in this list.

5) Joy Download

Joy Download is an amazing website which allows its users to download all their favorite paid software and other legal software which requires license. All the software packages present on this website are free from spyware and malware content. This website is customizing itself to serve better to its users.

6) Mac Update

This website is exclusively developed for Mac users so that they can use all those software packages which require high subscription charges. In addition, software packages compatible with iPhone and iPads are also available on this website. So, definitely a very good choice for Mac users in place of

7) Software Villa

The name of this website clears all the points. Software Villa has developed a huge database in which thousands of quality software are available for the users. All the software present on this website are free from spyware and malicious viruses.

8) Freeware Home

This brilliant website will let you access all those software packages which are not available easily on the web. Moreover, some software packages of old times can also be installed from this website. Freeware Home is proudly working as a software library where millions of files can be stored like


Thousands of paid software packages can be downloaded through the use of this website which is quite popular among the users. The main features of this website include easy to use interface, huge database, no registration process and much more to be counted. That’s why is a very good choice in place of

10) NearFile

This website is not so popular among the users because it has been banned by the Government of some countries due to the violation of the rights. However, users can access the available content on this website through the use of VPN very easily. We strongly recommend you to use this website at least once.

11) is quite popular among the users who want to download antivirus software for free. It includes hundreds of categories from Game to Utilities. You can also download paid antivirus software for free to your PC on this website.

12) Download

This safe and secure website is also a very good option to replace Though with a rough and outdated interface, this website will allow you to explore all the software packages to improve the overall system performance of your PC. Moreover, you can also see the reviews and rating given by various users alongside the install option.

13) Five Star Shareware

Frankly speaking, this website doesn’t have a huge database to store millions of programs. It will mainly depend on luck whether the desired software will be found. The main advantage of using this website is that there is no registration requirement.

14) Tucows

Tucows was founded in 1994, but it is not really known as a software download site. It is acceptable for the fact that this website doesn’t have too many varieties of files available. However, the software for Windows, Mac and Linux present on this website are tested, reviewed and then uploaded for users to download.

15) Filecroco

Filecroco focuses on all types of software for Windows OS. This website is featured with a cute and pleasant interface and providing all the latest quality apps. The storage of total software might be a drawback, but many users value quality over quantity.


As the name suggests, this website provides different paid software to users for free without any registration process, but most of the paid apps only allow a free trial period of one or two weeks or up to 1 month. Users can also buy paid apps at a discount. The apps available on this website are for Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile and even web platform. Unfortunately, only the offers on the homepage are up to date and valid.

17) Ice Walkers

Unlike any other options in this list, Ice Walkers only provides software for Linux OS. The huge database of Linux software is updated several times a day. Ice Walkers is quite simple but very helpful for developers and users of Linux devices.

18) Downzen

Users from other regions may feel uncomfortable because Downzen is presented in Arabic, but the target visitors will find this website a very good choice as far as content availability is concerned. Downzen is one of the oldest websites which doesn’t require any customization. Moreover, the presence of huge database has made this website very popular among the users.

19) File

This free website will offer you the handpicked paid software packages of all time. You can easily download and install them without any registration process.

20) App Annoyed

Don’t be confused with the name of this website because it does the job opposite to its name. This website will provide you the best in class paid software which are not easily available on the web for free.


The list of top 20 alternatives to ends here. We have analyzed over 100 different websites to pick these 20 best websites for you. Nevertheless, your suggestion and review are welcomed in the comments section below. Please don’t forget to share the name of the website which you like in place of

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