Top 15 Free Public DNS Server Addresses for Fastest Internet in 2019

We know how annoying it is when the browser is taking a really long time to load a particular website or page which you need urgent access to, and the DNS server is usually responsible for the lag. DNS is surely not a strange term to you if you are searching for public DNS servers, so that’s the knowledge base required in this article where you will find the top 15 free public DNS servers for better internet in 2019. Yes, just like changing IP address on Windows, you can also optimize your network by choosing the fastest DNS server.

Free Public DNS Server Addresses.

Why You Need the Best DNS Server

Sometimes, the DNS server is not able to connect you to the website due to overloading of systems and network traffic. For, example if you search for a website on Google, then first of all, the DNS server you are using will submit the IP address to the server of the website which you are searching and after this process, you will be landed directly to the website.

This is a very basic fact that the faster the process of submission of IP address is, the faster the website will be loaded on your device. And the most interesting fact regarding this issue is that the majority of the users don’t know about the public DNS servers which they are using. This is because DNS servers are set by default by the internet connection company or ISPs and users blame their ISPs for the slow internet connection speed but in vain.

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The slow working of the busiest DNS server is especially annoying for online gamers. For instance, while live streaming, they need a seamless internet browsing experience so that no lag or issue can disturb them. That’s why they switch their public DNS servers provided by their ISPs to the ones lesser used by the common users. Due to the same reason, we are here to present a list of top 15 free and public DNS servers in front of you so that you can also enhance your internet browsing experience. We will list some best things about those DNS servers. So, pick the best out of them to access websites in a very short time.

15 Fastest Free Public DNS Servers Addresses

DNS Provider Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server
OpenDNS Home
Comodo Secure DNS
Alternate DNS

Here is the list of our handpicked DNS servers. You may fill one of them on your computer now, or have a look at more details below.

1) Google Public DNS

This is the best premium DNS public server which is undoubtedly the best of all. The main advantage of using this DNS server is that it is provided by tech giant Google. Most of the things of this free public DNS are sorted which makes the most of the web traffic filtered within a very short time. That’s why we recommend our users to use this brilliant DNS public server.

2) Open DNS Home

This is another very fast DNS server which can filtrate massive network traffic at a particular time. This DNS server is used in various regions across the world and we hope that it will surely deliver some positive results to you.

3) Cloud Flare

With the best encryption techniques and full of optimized features, Cloud Flare is another very good choice if you are looking for fastest public DNS servers. Cloud Flare is very fast, convenient and easy to use and any user can switch the DNS server very easily to Cloud Flare, so definitely a very good choice for sure.

4) Quad 9

When it comes to best DNS servers which are free and fastest, then Quad 9 is another name on which users trust the most. This public DNS server is really very awesome to use and you can access any website within some seconds of search. This DNS server further comes with the primary and secondary DNS servers. That’s why the filtrating efficiency of web traffic of this DNS server is very high.

5) Level3

Most of the tech specialists use this DNS server for their private use because it is free and one of the fastest servers to use for. Level3 is an excellent public DNS server choice and we also strongly recommend our users to use this for their private use.


We can guarantee that you will not stop yourself once you use this DNS server for your personal use. This DNS server is an excellent choice for the users who want to visit websites which are lesser known to the users or we can say that which are lesser popular among the users. Due to the fact that this DNS server is having a very good capacity, we can blindly trust this free DNS server and use this for our personal use.

7) Comodo DNS server

This DNS server is lesser known to the users but after a thorough analysis, the provider of this DNS server has optimized it to the advanced security features which are fully encrypted. And nowadays, people are using this DNS server at the fullest.

8) Green Team DNS

This is another very good option open for the users who are particularly from the United Kingdom (UK). Most of the users are giving very positive reviews to this DNS server and that’s why this DNS server is going viral these days which is directly increasing the number of users as well as popularity.

9) Safe DNS

The name of this DNS server tells all the things. This is one of the safest DNS servers in this list though it is not the fastest DNS server as like Google and other DNS servers are. You can also check the encryption level if you really want to check the security barriers. But we really recommend our users to use this awesome DNS server for their private use.

10) Open NIC

Now, if you want to use a DNS server which is both free and the quickest of all, then Open NIC DNS server is another one of the best choices you can have. This DNS server is well capable of replacing your default DNS server which you are using currently. Though it is not very safe because of the open source nature, security can be negotiated if the speed is quicker.

11) Smart Viper

This is another very good pick in this list for the users. This DNS server is recently launched and that is the main reason behind its unpopularity. But we have personally tried this DNS server and had found it up to the mark. That’s why we appeal you to use this DNS server at least once.

12) Dyn

This is not the best competitor of other public DNS servers which we have mentioned above, but it is quite useful for the users of some regions. We have browsed its reviews and ratings, but we don’t find any clue to recommend it to our users. However, we really feel that you should try this DNS server at least once. Maybe you will find a feature of your interest.

13) Free DNS

As like other DNS servers, this is another free DNS server which is available in this which is having almost similar features as like other DNS servers have. That’s why we are leaving this up to you. If you like, then please give ratings so that it will help other users.

14) Alternate DNS

First of all, this DNS server is not completely free for use. You need to register on the website of this server to get a free trial period. And in case if you like the functioning of this DNS server, then you must go for the premium subscription as per our recommendation.

15) Yandex.DNS

This is our last pick in this list and we are glad to tell you that this is another very good choice for all users. The encryption level of security is very advanced which cannot be broken very easily. That’s why you will find most of the tech experts recommending this DNS server to you.


The above is the handpicked list of top 15 DNS servers. As you know that there are lots and lots of other DNS servers available which can probably the best from the above listed free DNS servers. So, please help us by telling their description and other details in the comments section below.

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