Easy Methods to Fix Memory Card Error in Canon Camera

It says on my Canon camera “memory card error”. I bought a new memory card and I don’t understand why it keeps saying hat. I tried to follow directions on YouTube on how to fix it but it’s not working, any tips?

Memory Card Error in Canon Camera.

A few photographers or common camera users have encountered such a disaster which directly threatens the precious data, such as holiday pictures or weeding videos. Don’t panic. In this article, you will learn how to fix memory card errors in Canon cameras.

Common Error Codes and Solutions on Canon Memory Card

The following are the known error codes related to memory card on Canon cameras. However, if your camera doesn’t recognize the inserted memory card you bought recently, you should first check for the compatibility between the card and the supported storage media types of the camera mode.

Err 02: Users can’t access the memory card on Canon camera.

Solution: Please remove and re-insert the card. If it fails to work, format the memory card.

Err 03: There are too many folders on the memory card.

Solution: The error may occur when you use the memory card for other purposes. Canon advises replacing the storage device with a properly formatted card. You can also reformat the existing memory card after clearing all data.

Err 04: The memory card is full.

Solution: Transfer or erase images and videos not needed on the card. If you have backed up all data elsewhere, please reformat the card to make it ready for follow-up shooting.

Err 10: A data file problem has occurred.

Solution: The suggestion from Canon is to turn off the camera, remove the battery, re-install it before turning the camera on again.

Simple Troubleshooting for Canon Memory Card Error

If you cannot identify the exact error on Canon memory card, there are a few basic checks you can try to fix the problem regardless of the causes.

How to Fix Canon Memory Card Error by Formatting

In case the Canon memory card error is still there and you have a backup for the photos and videos, it is time to fix the problem by formatting the SD card. A lot of users might have tried this step on their Canon cameras but no vail. In this part, we are going to introduce how to format Canon memory card on computer in two ways.

Tips: Please apply formatting only when the recovery of data is not necessary or not possible. Jihosoft Photo Recovery is the best tool you can use to rescue photos and videos from Canon camera.

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First of all, please connect your memory card to a Windows computer via a memory card reader.

If the computer detects your memory card

If the computer doesn’t detect your memory card

Sometimes you cannot find your memory card listed on File Explorer because Windows doesn’t recognize it as a working media. In this case, you can try another method to repartition the memory card.

Make sure to apply the steps above carefully since the disk you selected will be formatted and clear the data completely. You can also try more methods to fix SD card not showing in Windows.

Bottom Line

We hope the solutions in this article have fixed the problem of memory card error in Canon camera for you. It is important to always have one or more backups for your important data so that you can restore the memory card without worries. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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