A Complete List of BSNL USSD Codes in 2019 for Balance & Offers Check

It is quite often when smartphone users need to check the BSNL balance or the net balance and the internet pack. The handiest part to check all the services is to dial the USSD codes correctly using the phone. Here is the list of all the latest BSNL USSD codes. Whether you want to activate your DND service or check the net balance, all the enquiries can be done easily after checking the BSNL USSD codes list 2019 in this article.

A Complete List of BSNL USSD Codes

What Are BSNL USSD Codes

USSD codes are the special codes to check BSNL data balance, BSNL balance, DND activation/deactivation, BSNL offers, BSNL balance transfer, BSNL prepaid/postpaid services and other BSNL VAS services.

BSNL is popular for its best online telecom-based services in India. Moreover, it has an advanced and widely distributed infrastructure. BSNL library contains a big list of the network making it a fabulous telecom service provider in India. Opening it further, BSNL not only provides the continued and balanced prepaid services but also the internet connection which makes it complete for networking and communication. Along with a collection of many affordable packages, it provides a great network availability even in remote areas. Its charges are as per the demand of various sections of users. Owing to the great availability of prepaid services and internet packages, it is one of the best telecommunication service providers in India.

Nowadays, online payment and recharge are replacing the coupon recharge and the recharge from the shops. All you need to do is recharge your BSNL online with just in a few clicks with a data connection. Also, you can active internet packs by deducting the balance available in your main account using the USSD code of BSNL.

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List of BSNL USSD Codes

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, popularly known as BSNL, is providing the telecommunication services in India from past many years. It is the lowest and widely spread network of India rendering voice and internet services to users. It offers prepaid and postpaid plans along with Broadband wireless service, 2G/3G network, a caller tune, and value-added services. Since it is not an easy task to memorize all the USSD codes of BSNL, therefore, we are providing a complete list of BSNL USSD codes in 2019 which will help you to check and avail offers and plans by BSNL in one step. You can also save the most used codes to your handset for quick access.

The listed codes are for balance, offers and plans generated by BSNL. You can also transfer your BSNL balance from your main account to another BSNL customer using the code given in this list.

How to Check Net Balance in BSNL

BSNL provides both 3G and 2G network for internet connectivity. If you are selecting the plan and activating you BSNL on it, you can check the status of data used or left using this USSD code. You can check the present data balance and the validity of the plan as well so as to reschedule the next recharge at the same time. BSN online broadband services are very popular among user which creates the need of BSNL USSD code for checking the net balance. Moreover, you can get benefitted with the offers during recharge of your account by checking it through the USSD codes.

List of updated BSNL USSD Codes

BSNL USSD Codes Details
*123# Balance check
*123*5# Net balance
*123*5# 3G net balance
*123*5# BSNL 2G balance check
*123*8# Night GPRS balance
*123*1# or *123*5# or *125# SMS balance
*123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6# GPRS data plan
9400024365 Customer care
18003451500 or 1500 Customer care executive
*123# Validity check
164 or *8888# Check your number
*456*61# Gurbani activation
*456*62# Gurbani deactivation
*456*636# Health tips activation
*456*637# Health tips deactivation
*123*9# Video call balance check
*456*97# Bollywood activation
*456*98# Bollywood deactivation
*456*55# Cricket activation
*456*56# Cricket deactivation
*456*508# General knowledge activation
*456*509# General knowledge deactivation
*456*506# Motivational quotes activation
*456*507# Motivational quotes deactivation
*456*94# Myths activation
*456*95# Myths deactivation
*456*31# News activation
*456*32# News deactivation
*456*21# Astrology activation
*456*22# Astrology deactivation
*456*96# Auto-activation
*456*97# Auto deactivation
*456*500# Beauty tips activation
*456*501# Beauty tips deactivation
*456*77# History activation
*456*78# History deactivation
*456*01# Megapack activation
*456*02# Megapack deactivation
*456*506# Motivational quotes activation

Why We Need the USSD Codes List

So here you have seen all the updated USSD codes for BSNL in 2019. Nowadays, USSD codes are widely used to text messages, post comments and chat through Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. This has to provide access to all these popular social media websites without internet. All you need to do is to activate the pack of free Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter using the USSD code. It is very economical and makes communication much easier.

USSD codes have made the activation and deactivation of various services of BSNL very easy and accessible. Ranging from balance check to news, cricket and Bollywood, all works on the fingertips of the user with one dial. All you need to do is to enter the particular and specific USSD code on your dial pad. And dial the number using the number working on BSNL operator. This may go a few steps further to activate or deactivate the services provided by BSNL. Apart from that, it makes all the simple works easier using it.

All the companies have their verified and specific USSD code which is somehow common and similar to other USSD codes. Still, it is not so simple to remember all the USSD codes and dial it whenever required. Many companies save these important USSD codes to the newly bought SIM and it can be used after the activation of the SIM. So, from news to Astro, cricket to movies, balance to data services, everything you have on your phone and is known to you. You need not walk to your nearby shop to know the new offers or services. Just dial the number mentioned below in the list and check the complete list of offers and plans. And then, recharge your phone online directly using your wallet or card. There are many online wallets and pay applications are available. This helps the user to recharge their phone with any desired pack easily deducting money directly from the online wallet or from the account.

There are many options available on the internet-based services. At present, broadband internet service is very popular to access the internet in a large amount and without any kind of general disruption. Moreover, it is the widely used internet type, especially at the workplace and institution. The clients can put their queries to the customer service provided by BSNL by dialing the toll-free number or the USSD code. The customer care number is provided to all the clients of BSNL to collect all the queries related to network services and internet availability.

Apart from the broadband services, many other services like astrology, cricket updates, news and Bollywood are available under the value-added services of BSNL. These services are activated on the monthly rental basis. These services automatically get renewed by deducting the charges of services from the main account balance of the BSNL users. Moreover, there are bhakti and music are also available using these services. To avoid the deduction of money from the main balance in next month, the users need to deactivate it before a day of the end of the subscription. This can be done by dialing the given USSD code on the mobile or by dialing the number of customer care. Activation of GPRS services is also available using the USSD code of BSNL. You can also transfer the money from your main balance of BSNL account to other BSNL user using the required USSD code. You can dial the simplest USSD code to get the main menu of all the services.

BSNL users can also check their mobile number by dialing the USSD code provided in the list. BSNL enables its users to get all types of information related to the account and balance of BSNL using the USSD code.

Bottom Line

We have mentioned all the necessary USSD codes for 2019 here, but there can be newly updated and added USSD codes. Just like any problems as common yet troublesome as how to count words in Excel, nobody knows everything, but a gathering of experience and wisdom will benefit a lot of people. You can comment any of your queries about the services who’s USSD code is not known to you, or if you want to know any kind of free utilities for Windows computer or programs.

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