How to Fix YouTube Fullscreen Not Working with 4 Methods 2019

Many users have encountered the “YouTube full screen not working” issue. When it happens, YouTube will either play in a small window or refuse to respond the clicking of Fullscreen button. If you’re also facing the same problem on Google Chrome or other browsers, please check the follow 4 methods to fix YouTube won’t go full screen error.

Fix YouTube Fullscreen Not Working

Method 1. Fix YouTube Fullscreen Not Working with a General Methods

Always starting with the generals will save you a lot time. It is noticed that general techniques can sometimes provide you with easy solutions. Here are some of the general ways with which you can fix the issue of YouTube full screen not working.

These general methods are easy and safe to try. Even if they don’t work, they do no harm to the computer system or data so that you can try the following methods. However, it is always suggested back up important data before doing any changes to your computer.

In case you lose precious files from your Windows or Mac computer, please use a data recovery software to get them back as soon as possible.

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Method 2. Fix YouTube Fullscreen Not Working by Disabling Extensions

Sometimes it is the extension installed that may hinder the command of YouTube full screen mode. Disabling YouTube related extensions can help in this stance.

Repeat the procedure with all extensions that are needed to be disabled.

Method 3. Fix YouTube Won’t Go Fullscreen by Turning off Hardware Acceleration

Turning off the hardware acceleration can also help to fix the YouTube full screen not working. Here is the step wise procedure. Follow the steps and try using the YouTube in full screen mode.

Method 4. Fix YouTube Won’t Go Fullscreen by Updating Chrome

When YouTube full screen is not working, you may try fixing it by upgrading or resetting Google Chrome. Follow the steps as mentioned below and update the chrome to fix the problem.

Now try turning on YouTube full screen and see if it works.

In case none of the above methods work for you but you want to watch a YouTube video in full screen urgently, you can choose to download it to local computer with a free YouTube downloader.

Share your experience with us and help more people to fix YouTube full screen not working issue!

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