Top 7 Best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software in 2019

Keyloggers are legal software when they are being used by parents to monitor their child’s activities on the internet. However, they become rootkits when people use them with malicious intent to keep track of people’s activity on the internet. Hackers can hack into your computer with rootkit programs without you having any knowledge about it.

Best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software

Needless to say, the above situation is not desirable for anyone. Even worse, the rootkit program could be a window of the theft and ransomware, which may turn out to be the cause of data loss. In case it really happens and you lose important files, don’t hesitate to use a data recovery software to rescue your precious data.

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No matter for which reason, you should have a keylogger rootkit detector installed on your computer. Let us take a look at some of the best keylogger rootkit removal software.

Note: Since rootkit remover apps are usually just derivatives from antivirus products, most manufacturers don’t charge people for using it. Nevertheless, some of them does require payment for premium functions.

Top 1. Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit

Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

Malwarebytes uses the most cutting-edge technology in its Anti-Rootkit product to ensure that your computer is free of any malicious keylogger software. It drills down on all of the files on your computer, even the ones which are deeply embedded, and scours through all folders to ensure that there is no malicious rootkit in your computer.

Top 2. Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

A simple virus scan or malware scan of your computer does not always ensure that you will be able to detect all the keylogger software threatening your privacy. With the help of Norton Power Eraser, however, you can be sure that all keylogger apps, no matter how deeply they are embedded in your computer, will be entirely removed from your device.

You should only need to worry that some legitimate or useful files could be removed from your computer due to the harsh standard of this keylogger detector software. If this happens, you can use the review and repair mode to recover the files which may have been lost.

Top 3. Bitdefender Rootkit Remover

Bitdefender Rootkit Remover is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

Rootkit Remover is one of the free tools provided by Bitdefender. Any known rootkit, or keylogger software which may hide on your computer can be removed easily with the help of this software. You do not need to boot into safe mode to launch this application, instead you can even start it after you have turned on your computer.

This keylogger detector tool was released in 2013, but Bitdefender is continually updating its database so that it can make a note of all of the known malicious software. You will be surprised by the scanning speed, which could be as rapid as 2 seconds.

Top 4. GMER: Rootkit Detector and Remover

GMER: Rootkit Detector and Remover is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

GMER is not a well-known name, but it is actually integrated with Avast antivirus. It is able to scans each file and folder thoroughly to look for hidden processes, registry, services, and modules. With the help of this anti-keylogger, most keylogger apps will be detected and removed. Unfortunately, it only works on Windows computers.

Top 5. Sophos Rootkit Removal

Sophos Rootkit Removal is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

Although antivirus software may prevent keylogger programs from being planted in your computer, they will not be able to detect ones which are already present. Hence, keylogger detector software like Sophos rootkit Removal would be helpful in such scenarios. Sophos is not a big name, but it is worth a try if you want to give as much protection as possible to your Windows computer.

Top 6. Ghostpress

Ghostpress is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

Using this software, you will be able to detect any keylogger software which may be hidden in your computer. Apart from that this software also functions so that your keystrokes are always being scrambled so that no keylogger software is able to capture them. The program is easy to use, and you will be able to set the program according to your preferred settings as well as language. Hence, you will not have o parse through overly complicated steps to get the job done.

Top 7. Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiLogger is one of the best Keylogger Rootkit Detector and Remover Software.

Zemana AntiLogger is not completely free. It has both premium version and trial version, the latter of which has some limits but can conduct its responsibility as well. The good part of a commercial program is that the developer usually upgrades the function and interface regularly.

With this software, you will be able to detect and eliminate any suspicious files from your computer. You can enable real time protection as well as scheduled scan. It ensures that your personal information stays confidential and that your financial information such as essential passwords are transferred securely without reaching any attackers.

Bottom Line

The internet can be a wonderful place, but it does have many people who have malicious intent, which makes it necessary to pay enough attention to computer security. However, as primary users, there are a lot of obstacles for us to establish effective defense. If hackers are able to plant a keylogger rootkit on your computer, then they can view confidential information easily. If you feel that someone is stealing your passwords, then installing an anti-keylogger software will be beneficial for you.

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