4 Best Free File Recovery Software for Windows & Mac No Limit

If you are looking for another free data recovery software to undelete photos and files, you may want to try the options listed in this article. Don’t get tired of trying a lot but in vain, since it is indeed not easy to restore lost files. We hope this is your last stop, because we have handpicked the top 4 free data recovery software for Windows & Mac users. Nevertheless, you shall not expect the quality as good as you could experience in the top paid data recovery software. Just give them a try and you may be surprised with no cost.

Free File Recovery Software

Recuva Free – Best Free File Recovery Software for Windows

We don’t know if Recuva is the best data recovery software in all aspects, but it is truly a free recovery tool which has been popular for over a decade in the world. The only imperfection is that this program is available in Windows platform, and you need to find Recuva for Mac alternative in case you are using Apple computers. Other than that, you will experience every merit one could expect in a free tool.

There are reasons why Recuva is so well-known among hundreds of other options in the market. The basic version is completely free with no limit, which invites users to have a try. When you get it installed on your computer, the user-friendly interface will inspire you to proceed until the scanning completes. If you do a research online, then you may find there are both positive and negative reviews over Recuva, which is quite reasonable since so many people have tried it under various conditions. No one could guarantee 100% successful recovery, and we should not expect the perfect result but it will not take you much time to give this free data recovery software a try.

TestDisk and PhotoRec – Free Unlimited Data Recovery Software

TestDisk and PhotoRec are presented as two open-source software, which means they are free unlimited data recovery software. They are designed and still maintained by the same developer team who separates them by different application cases. If you have lost partition or unknown problem with your hard disk partitions, which stops you from accessing the storage device, TestDisk might be able to recover your data. If you want to recover lost pictures or files, PhotoRec is the proper choice. There is actually no clear bound between the two free recovery tools, so just try both in case any one of them fails to work for you.

The above content covers almost all advantages of TestDisk and PhotoRec. The main reason why they are not as famous as Recuva is that they are not for beginners. You will not see a graphical interface but have to run it in a command line Window, which is far from being friendly to most users. Almost forget, these two programs also work as portable apps from a USB stick when your computer cannot run normally. However, you will need average or higher-level knowledge to make use of this feature, so it is hard to say if it is an advantage.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro – A Free yet Professional Data Recovery Software

There is a “pro” in its name, but UndeleteMyFiles is a free tool for restoring accidentally deleted files from hard disks, USB flash drive and other storage devices. In its basic interface, you will amazingly find a few functions listed, including File Rescue, Media Recover, Deleted File Search, Emergency Disk Image, etc. There are no detailed tutorials telling users how to apply different utilities, but only simple description for the features on the product page.

In addition to several options for file and mail recovery, this freeware also allows users to delete files permanently without any chance of recovery. Some people may want to try if the program itself will be able to undelete the wiped data.

Mac Data Recovery Guru – Best Data Recovery Software for Mac

Though Apple takes a considerable amount of share in personal computer market, we can easily find more data recovery software for Windows than macOS. Fortunately, Mac Data Recovery Guru is a good data recovery software for Mac. It can recover files from computer, SD card, hard drive, USB stick, and even faulty media where files are not deleted by inaccessible due to unknown errors. However, it is actually not free. Yes, it will cost you almost USD 99 to purchase a license. That’s quite a lot even though there are a few positive reviews.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have reviewed four data recovery software for Windows and Mac computers. Depending on how your files were lost, you may or may not get back them back with these tools. However, if the files mean a lot for you, please keep trying more software online. Let us know which tool has worked for you.

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