iReparo For PC FAQs

1.What’s the difference between the trial version and the pro version?
The free trial version only allows you to preview lost data after scan. If you are satisfied with the scan result, you need to place an order and get a license to register the program, then you can recover the lost data like Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, TXT, etc.
2.Why my digital camera doesn’t show up after connection?
If the program cannot recognize your camera after connecting it to computer, there is a pre-check list you should note:
  • Turn on your digital camera before connecting it to computer.
  • Make sure the USB cable used to connect the camera to computer is in good condition and your camera can be detected by the computer successfully.
  • If the problem still exist, please pull out the memory card off the camera, and connect it to computer via card reader.
If the suggestion above doesn’t help, please contact us and provide more details like the brand of your digital camera, OS version of your computer, etc.
3.My Samsung mobile doesn’t appear on the list of Removable Disk, why?
For old Samsung mobiles like S2, Ace, Y, Nexus and more, please turn on the USB Mass Storage mode on your phone after connecting it to computer, just like what you did when transfer files from phone to computer.

For Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S7 (Edge), S8 (Plus), Note 8, Note 7, Note 2 and other Samsung mobiles which have SD card slot, please pull out the SD card from the phone, then connect it to computer by card reader and make sure your card appears on computer as a removable disk.
4. The program has scanned my external hard disk for an hour and it hasn’t finished. Why?
How long will it takes to scan depends on the storage size of your device. For instant, it might cost less time to scan a external hard disk of 16G than that of 64G. Yet, iReparo For PC has the “Advanced Scan” feature which allows you to select specific file formats to scan, thus to shorten the time.
5.Why I didn’t find the lost files on the scan result after scanning?
In this case, the files are supposed to be overwritten or damaged after getting lost, so they become irrecoverable and don’t appear on the scan result. To avoid this, please stop using your computer (especially adding files to the hard drive where data get lost) or devices after data get lost.

If you didn’t use your computer or device after data loss and still have problem like this, please email us and provide more details to help us locate your issue by answering the questions below:
  • What kind of data format do you want to recover?
  • Did the program recover any lost data for you?
  • On which device you want to recover the data, computer, external hard disk or USB drive?
  • What's the OS version of your computer?
6. Why can’t I recover deleted files after clicking the “Recover” button?
  • If there is no respond when you click the “Recover” button, please make sure you have selected the file types from the left-side panel.
  • If there pops up a dialog requires you to enter the registration code, please apply the information correctly.
  • If you don’t have a license, you need to purchase the pro version, then an email with registration code will be sent to your email address (which you use when placed the order).
By the way, please do not choose the place where the files get lost as the output location.
7. I can’t play the recovered videos/ open recovered photos, why?
As to recovered videos, please make sure the video format is supported by the media player you use. For recovered photos, check if the pic format is supported by image viewer. If there is no problem with the media player/ image viewer, then the problem will be the videos/ photos which have been possibly damaged or partly overwritten after loss.

Commonly, a driver will use multiple clusters to store a complete file such as a video/ picture. When the video/ picture is deleted or formatted, it is likely to be overwritten or damaged, thus become incomplete. The recovery program might be able to restore some of the clusters that contain the video/ photo, but it won’t help since most of the media player/ image viewer cannot play incomplete video/ image files. So, you can try a repair utility to repair the damaged video/ image first if necessary.
8. Can this software recover Gopro videos?
Well, GoPro has a unique method for video storage, which is much more complicated that common recovery software might fail to recover the GoPro videos. Luckily, JIHO professional team now provides a tailor-made solution for GoPro video recovery. For further information, please contact our support team or visit
9. Program gets frozen or crashed?
For several times, we received feedback from our customers that the program get frozen or crashed when it was running. Cases like this seldom happen but we still want to help if you are lucky to come across this.

When the program get frozen or crashed, please don’t turn off the program and follow the instruction below to send us a log file (for frozen program) or a dump file (for crashed program):
This PC => Document => Log fie => select Jihosoft Phone recovery => send it as attachment to us.

right click Tool bars on your PC => Task Manager => Processes => Jihosoft phone recovery => right click it => create dump file => wait the process => the file has been created successful => send it to us via dropbox.

To help us better locate your problem, please answer the questions below:
In which step did our program get frozen or crashed?
What file formats did you choose to scan?
What OS version did your computer run?